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Budgeting & Saving

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Can a Health Savings Account Save You Money?

It’s open enrollment season and time to decide whether you should add, terminate, or change health insurance plans. A review of your family’s medical expenses confirms that your household’s healthcare costs are on the rise. Whether due to an increase in household size, change in medical condition, or another reason, you’re ready to re-evaluate your health coverage options. The decision … Continue reading

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Budgeting & Saving

Brighten Your Holidays Despite a Tight Budget

Sharing stories over a holiday meal is one of your family’s favorite pastimes. It doesn’t matter that every year, like clockwork, a televised football game steals the attention of several family members just as Aunt Edna begins one of her favorite childhood tales. These moments are special and never fail to create cherished, lighthearted holiday memories. It’s the expenses associated … Continue reading

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7 Of The Most Reliable Money Management Tips

The concept of money management can seem overwhelming. You may wonder where to start, which financial goals to prioritize, and how to maintain momentum. Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Therefore your money management strategy will be unique to your needs as well. However, you can implement these 7 top tips, and customize them if necessary, as you address your financial … Continue reading

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