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Financial Power Podcast

Building your financial power one segment at a time.

AFFCU Finanical Power Podcast

Atlantic Financial FCU presents the Financial Power Podcast – Building your financial power one segment at a time. Our podcasts bring you an approximately 20-minute discussion o various financial topics lead by our Business Development team and Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. Plus we’ll be joined by an occasional special guest. Enjoy our recorded sessions and follow us for future releases.

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Episode 45

Planning For Retirement – Is It Ever To Late To Save

Episode 44

Debt Consolidation – What’s Good & What To Avoid

Episode 43

Money & Vacations – How To Relax Without A Credit Card Max

Episode 42

Financial Spring Cleaning – How To Clean Your Financial House

Episode 41

One Year Anniversary – A Look Back At The First Year Of Our Podcast

Episode 40

Credit Repair – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

Episode 39

Life Insurance – What Is It Good For & Why Do You Need It?

Episode 38

Stimulus Check Talk 2.0 – Who Gets One & What To Do With It.

Episode 37

Teens & Credit – What To Know Before You Get Started

Episode 36

Reverse Mortgages – How To Use It To Move Forward

Episode 35

Home Equities – How To Make The Most Out Of Your Home

Episode 34

Organizing Your Finances – Methods To Mitigate The Mess

Episode 33

A New Year – A New Financial You

Episode 32

Charitable Gift Giving: Charity Doesn’t Have To Mean Poverty

Episode 31

Holiday Shopping: How to Be Responsible With Your Gift Giving


Episode 30

Thanksgiving Special: What We’re Thankful For

Episode 29

Rental Properties: What To Know Before Becoming A Landlord

Episode 28

Credit Card Do’s & Don’ts: How To Swipe Responsibly

Episode 27 (Halloween Special)

Scary Money Stories: Horrifying Habits That Turn Into Petrifying Problems

Episode 26

Improving Your Credit Score: Ways To Build Yours or Recover

Episode 25

Health Savings Accounts: Who Needs One & How Do They Work

Episode 24

Paying Yourself First: Why It’s So Important & Effective

Episode 23

Living Debt Free: How To Get Out of Debt & Stay That Way

Episode 22

Home & Auto Insurance: How To Save & Stay Protected

Episode 21

Home Clean Out: Making The Most Of Your Unwanted Stuff

Episode 20

Money & Tech: Using Technology To Simplify Your Finances

Episode 19

Talking To Kids About Money

Episode 18

Financial Stress: How To Find Relief

Episode 17

Understanding Credit: What Looks Good & How To Recover

Episode 16

Building a Basic Budget

Episode 15

Planning For Retirement: When To Get Started

Episode 14

How To Pay For College: Saving & Borrowing

Episode 13

Auto Repairs: How To Pay For Them

Episode 12

The Credit Union Advantage

Episode 11

Home Buying Part 3 – Title Companies And The Role They Play

Episode 10

Home Buying Part 2 – Realtors: What Do They Do?

Episode 9

Home Buying Part 1 – What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Mortgage?

Episode 8

Vacations And How To Pay For Them

Episode 7

Financing Home Improvements

Episode 6

Auto Buying – Part 2: Protecting Your New Vehicle

Episode 5

Auto Buying – Part 1: Protecting Your Wallet & Credit When Buying A Car


Episode 4

“Good Debt” Versus “Bad Debt”

Episode 3

Starting Off On The Right Foot After COVID-19

Episode 2

Negotiating With Creditors

Episode 1

Stimulus Checks And How To Use It

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