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Are Personal Loans Tax Deductible?

Personal loans are among the most common financing that people rely on for their borrowing needs. They’re relatively easy to obtain, and there are usually few or no restrictions on what you can use them for. If you’re considering a personal loan, you wonder whether the interest is tax deductible. The following overview can be helpful in understanding how the … Continue reading

A man and his accountant reviewing taxes to see which of his personal loans are tax deductible.
Credit & Debt

How to Take Control of Credit Card Debt

Living with credit card debt can take its toll on you physically and mentally. It may seem that the balances keep climbing no matter how hard you try. High-interest rates on credit card balances can form the perfect storm where the monthly interest charges cancel out any payments you make. This cycle can create a debt spiral that feels impossible … Continue reading

Young lady shopping online with credit card
Budgeting & Saving

Budgeting Tricks To Reach Your Goals

The best way to achieve financial milestones is through a budget. But creating a budget and sticking to it are two entirely different things. While on paper, you may have the perfect plan to meet your monthly expenses and grow your savings, in reality, life happens. Sometimes it’s challenging just to find the time to review and keep up with … Continue reading

Couple smiling and working together at table to review budget and finances
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Things to Know About Home Equity Financing

Each year, many people tap into the equity in their homes to fund remodeling projects, pay for weddings, consolidate high-interest debt, or for other reasons. If you’re thinking about borrowing against your home equity, the following are some important things to know to help you make an informed decision. What Is Home Equity? Home equity refers to the amount of … Continue reading

A young couple home equity financing options with a lender.