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Fraud & Security

Protecting Your Accounts During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy. Families gather to share laughter, food, gifts, and quality time with each other. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also one of the most joyous times of the year for fraudsters. Identity theft and fraud always pick up around the holidays. The increased number of promotional emails and text messages sent by businesses, and … Continue reading

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Send These Holiday Scams on Their Merry Way

White elephant gifts and light displays aren’t the only holiday traditions making a repeat appearance this season. Unfortunately, fraudsters are again masquerading as festive elves to steal your holiday cheer. They’re counting on the busyness of the season to keep you distracted and unaware of their false motives. Some holiday scams appear every year, while newer ones take advantage of … Continue reading

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Fraud & Security

Important Tips For Securing Your Personal Information

Fraud is nothing new. However, in today’s world it is a lot more prevalent and in some ways easier to accomplish. At the feverish pace at which digital technology grows, we often associate fraud with online activity. And while that is a major source of fraud activity, there is a necessity to protect ourselves both online and offline. The following … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Devices Secure

We live most of our day on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. As our digital connections continue to grow, so does the threat of fraud and information stealing. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure you efficiently secure your devices. Follow these tips to keep your devices secure and information safe. Use Security Software Install anti-virus software, anti-spyware … Continue reading

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8 Simple Ways to Protect Your Identity

By Tracy Scott Would you know a financial or identity theft scam if you saw one? Most people think they would, but the statistics tell a different story. The list of scams perpetrated by criminals is long, and the cost to consumers is high. Over $47 million was lost by Maryland victims to internet scams in 2018 alone. Fraudsters use … Continue reading