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Member Stories

Member Stories

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Sharing Our Members' Love

We’re proud of the trusted, personal relationships we build with each of our members. We know that every individual’s life is different, with mixed challenges and opportunities. So we treat every individual like the amazing, unique person they are and partner to customize our financial support to them.

Financial well-being for all. Tailored support for you.

- Kaitlyn W. "make my dreams a reality"

AFFCU had made it possible for me to make my dreams a reality.  When most places would shy away from people who had a bit of a difficult financial past and are looking to improve, AFFCU gave me the trust to do so and they have improved my financial situation greatly. Love this credit union. Thank you and grateful to be a member!

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In Their Own Words

- Tamika T.

Being a member with AFFCU has brought me so much peace to my life. The level of stellar customer service I receive goes unmatched. Whenever I encounter a concern it’s treated with high priority getting it resolved. I was even more impressed when the pandemic hit AFFCU came up with a solution to help all its members.

- Heather M.

I have been a member of AFFCU since 2005. I have all my accounts with them my loans, my car is financed with them, my direct deposit is with them and I also started a Journey account for my son.

Their customer service is amazing and anytime I have needed them they were there for me and my family. Becoming an AFFCU member is the best thing I have ever done. THANKS AFFCU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

- Donna S.

I have found that using a credit union is extremely beneficial. In the past I have used them for car loans. I got rates that we so much more fair than banks.  AFFCU has much better interest rates both in loans and savings. I also appreciate that I have a vote in running them and thus they are more caring about the customers.  I can create new savings accounts for items like auto purchase etc which help my budgeting. I have access online and love the flexibility of managing them.  The employees are more helpful as well.

- Karron M.

My mom helped me open an AFFCU account right after my high school graduation so that I’d have checking access when I headed off to college. Since then, I’ve funneled my wedding, car, and numerous other expenses through AFFCU because of their great rates, customer service and expansion of products and services over the years.

When our son was born, I didn’t wait to establish an account for him. And although I don’t go to the branch often, I can bank for him, us or handle everything I need by phone or mobile. Things are a lot easier than when I left for college. And any time I’ve had to call the branch, it’s nice to get a live person who understands our financial needs. I love calling AFFCU my credit union.

- Francis K.

I have been a member of AFFCU for many years.  A few years ago, I ran into some financial difficulty.  I tried to acquire a loan at other institutions, only to be denied.  I applied for a loan at AFFCU and was approved for the loan, even though my credit score was not very good.  I received the loan amount I requested and also received a very low interest rate.  Fortunately, my finances began to recover.  I paid back the loan in full and never missed a payment.  Kudos to the AFFCU employees who helped me tremendously when I was in need.

- Glenn F.

I’ve been a member of Atlantic Financial since the mid-seventies and have had a numerous amount of life experiences since then. I recall the time of a significant family crisis, my credit rating wasn’t good, and I needed a loan to assist us with bringing this matter to a point of resolve. My credit union came through for us in our moment of crisis. I was ever so grateful, and afterwards was able to take the necessary steps in seeing my credit rating improve.

Thank you Atlantic Financial for your many discounted services, and for most importantly, being there for your members.

- Nikita F. "AFFCU has sincerely changed my life"

AFFCU has sincerely changed my life on so many different levels. At first, I stumbled across them, they called me to refinance my vehicle. I was skeptical, but they were able to refinance my car and save me about $60 a month on my car payment. I went ahead and opened an account, checking and savings, and they never disappoint. I was able to open a credit card, and a loan with them when I need it. They help people by offering their members holiday loans to help with expenses during the holidays, with low interest rates and sometimes no additional credit check etc. this is the best bank I’ve ever had, and I will be a customer for life. Thank you, AFFCU!


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- Patricia B.

My experience with AFFCU spans several decades. When I first started with my company over 30 years ago, I became a member. I am now happily retired and thankful for all the great years of high quality customer service that I have received through AFFCU. This credit union has been a part of my life through the journey of home buying, car buying, general life milestones, and now my children are account holders as well. I believe joining the credit union was one of the best decisions I could have made. I hope to experience the high caliber and personalized service for many years to come!

- Kendalyn S.

The only thing I can say is AFFCU is AWESOME!!!!! The Chick-fil-A of banking!!!The staff is superb, always friendly every time I visit the branch I’m greeted with a smile and a friendly and knowledgeable teller who’s always willing to help with an issue or question and if they don’t know the answer, they will get you to the right person that does. I always feel greatly grateful for being an AFFCU customer and would refer anyone to them. Hat’s off to the AFFCU family for making my life easier to know that my funds are being protected by the best!!!!!

- Kionna T.

I love Atlantic Financial Credit Union! I have banked with a Credit Union before but they really exceeded my expectations they go above and beyond for the customers, great customer service and friendly and takes care of all needs. Highly recommend 🙂

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