Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union Supports Community Financial Well-Being Through COVID-19 Epidemic

Hunt Valley, MD – As the economic uncertainty continues and consumers grapple with unexpected hardships, Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union remains strong and ready to serve its members and the community. While AFFCU’s team on the front lines continue their essential duties as “financial first responders,” others in the organization are doing their part to support the financial well-being of members and the greater Baltimore community.

AFFCU is always driven to serve its members and ensure their financial well-being, including when hit by economic uncertainly like that brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic. “We’re certainly not in a unique situation or alone by any means, but our team has remained nimble as we quickly adapted to the changes and the new normal that is rapidly developing,” stated Matthew Piazza, President & CEO at AFFCU. “This includes our Business Development and Financial Education teams who normally work face-to-face with our employer partner groups and within the community. They’ve adapted and made use of our digital resources to find new ways to deliver on our mission of supporting our members and the communities we serve.”

The Business Development team at AFFCU, along with the credit unions Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC) have taken their financial wellness efforts online hosting a variety of free virtual financial education seminars.

James Dickerson, AFFCU’s Director of Member Experience shared, “Knowledge is Power and Atlantic Financial is all about empowering our membership and supporting our community. This is a difficult time for everyone both emotionally & financially and everyone could use a little bit more power especially right now. So, we at Atlantic Financial are very excited to bring the power back to our community though financial education and help them through this time so we can support them into the future.”

AFFCU’s Business Development Coordinator and Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor, Brian Peller, added “During these unprecedented times we are so happy to be able to offer these live financial education seminars to the entire community. These seminars are designed to help improve the financial knowledge of the participant and give them direction to work towards a more fulfilled financial life.”

The Credit Union will continue to leverage the digital channels to deliver on its financial wellness initiatives with online events throughout each month. This is in addition to the many free, on-demand courses and resources that area available to all on AFFCU’s website at

In addition to its outreach efforts on financial wellness, AFFCU rapidly identified and implemented opportunities to support its members financial well-being, providing loan relief options, free skip-a-pays, special emergency hardship loans, and recently announced the introduction of its $20,000 Covid-19 Member Support Grant.