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Member Fraud Support

Keeping you protected

Keeping Your Information Secure

At Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union keeping your personal information and accounts secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We have strict security protocols in place and our dedicated staff are regularly trained on information security.

We are currently fielding higher than normal inquiries for fraudulent AFFCU VISA Debit Card transactions. We assure you that safeguards are in place and your funds will be secure. However, if you have been directly impacted by a fraudulent purchase there are actions you should take immediately.

Fraud Assistance

If your Atlantic Financial FCU VISA Debit or Credit Card has been impacted by fraudulent transactions, please review the following information and take the necessary steps as directed below.

  • If you received an automated call or text message from our Fraud Monitoring service and declined the transaction, then your card has been frozen and is unable to be used for purchases. Your next step is to complete and submit the form below.
  • If you did not receive a transaction review call or message but see fraudulent transactions on your account, please complete and submit the form below and be sure to note that in the selection option and your card will be frozen (Note: Once your card is frozen you will not be able to use it for purchases until a new card is delivered).
  • Once you’ve completed this form your account will be flagged, your card frozen (if not already), and a new card will be processed. The final step is to submit the online Fraud Form to begin the dispute process for the fraudulent transaction(s) so that this activity can be reimbursed. This simple fraud claim form can be easily completed online.

Please Complete The Following Form

Card Fraud Management

We use our debit and credit cards numerous times a day because it makes purchasing fast and easy. But with that high frequency of use, it is easy for our card information to fall into the hands of the wrong people. But we’ve got you covered with our Card Fraud Management solution.

We’ll notify you by text and/or automated phone call when questionable activity happens on your AFFCU Visa debit or credit card. It’s completely free and an added protection to keep you covered.

Learn more about how our card fraud works to keep you protected.

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