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Checking Account Changes Overview

Everything To Know About Your Checking Account Changes

New Checking Account Enhancements

At Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union were committed to providing you with the right financial products and services. We always working to find ways to help you earn more and save more. That’s why we’ve improved our great checking accounts. The following information will guide you through all that is changing.

While a few things are changing, there is a lot is staying the same or even getting better. You’ll continue to get the same exceptional AFFCU member experience and more.

Monthly Rewards

Our new Power Checking Accounts will allow you to continue earning awesome monthly cash rewards. In fact, our high interest earnings and cash back rewards have increased.

Free Services

Our new Power Checking Accounts still come with all the same free services to manage your account, including, online and mobile banking access, Visa debit card, nationwide access, and more.

Simple. No Gimmicks

Still no tricks or gimmicks involved. No minimum balance requirements, no monthly account maintenance fees, and no penalties. Just the power to easily  earn cash rewards.

Real Cash Rewards - Real Easy To Earn

Enhanced Rewards

We’ve enhanced our monthly cash rewards and simplified how to earn them.

  • Power Checking Account – Will earn 2% cash back on debit card purchase up to $500 in spending per month.
  • PowerPlus Checking Account – A High-Interest account that will earn 3% APY on balances up to $12,000.

In addition to the conversion of our rewards checking accounts, we’ve introduced a couple other new checking products. Learn more about these new options by visiting our checking accounts page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AFFCU members with a Kasasa Checking account (Kasasa Cash, Cash Back, and Tunes Checking Accounts) will automatically be converted to our new rewards Power Checking Accounts effective May 1, 2020.

Your account will remain active and automatically convert to the new checking account.

  • Kasasa Cash checking members will automatically convert to our new PowerPlus Checking high-interest account
  • Kasasa Cash Back and Tunes checking members will automatically convert to our new Power Checking debit cash back rewards account

No. This conversion will be a seamless experience for you. No account information will change other than the naming of your account as seen on your monthly statement and online banking account. Your account numbers will stay the same.

No. Your debit card number will stay the same. No new card(s) will be issued. You will continue using your current AFFCU Visa debit card without any interruption.

The new rewards qualifications require two things:

  1. Establish a direct deposit that meets the appropriate monthly amount for each checking account.
    • Power Checking Account – An aggregate total of at least $1,000 in direct deposit per month
    • PowerPlus Checking Account – An aggregate total of at least $3,500 in direct deposit per month
  2. Login to your online banking account at least once per month (via online or mobile banking access).

Yes. After the May 1 conversion you may elect to switch your checking account to any other checking option offered. Simply contact an AFFCU representative and request to convert your checking account to whichever option you prefer.

Members who have a Kasasa Saver Account will have this account converted to a separate club savings account. This will still be a secondary savings account but there will be no increased APY earnings and no automatic depositing of the monthly account rewards.

Members are encouraged to set up their own savings transfers within online banking.

You will need to set up your direct deposit through your employer. Contact your employers payroll or HR department and provide them with your AFFCU checking account number and routing number. You may complete this direct deposit form to provide to your employer.

AFFCU’s Routing # 252075744

You can find your full 17-digit account number on your monthly statement or within online banking.

You will continue earning your rewards under the Kasasa checking program parameters through April 30, 2020. Rewards will be paid out in April’s month end statement period. There will be no interruption or loss of current Kasasa checking rewards.

ATM reimbursements from the use of non-AFFCU or non-CO-OP ATMs as a monthly qualification bonus will no longer be offered.

However, members enrolled in either the new Cash Back or High Interest checking accounts will automatically qualify to receive up to five (5) free foreign ATM transactions per month. This applies to AFFCU’s surcharge fee only. Member will still be liable for any fee charged by the ATM operator. There will be no surcharge applied by AFFCU for the first five (5) foreign ATM transactions.

We encourage you to find a convenient CO-OP ATM location nationwide, or use free ATMs such as those available at Wawa and Royal Farms locations locally.

No. The new Power Checking Accounts will not have any monthly minimum balance requirements, monthly maintenance fees, or penalties for not completing qualification activities. If qualification activities are not met in the monthly period you will simply not earn the reward. You may re-establish the qualifications and get back to earning your rewards the next month.

E-Statement registration is not a requirement to qualify to earn your rewards under the new Power Checking Accounts. However, enrollment is encouraged and necessary in order to avoid the monthly $1 paper statement fee.

A set amount of debit card transactions is not a requirement to qualify to earn your rewards under the new Power Checking Accounts. However, for the new Power Checking cash back account option, the monthly rewards are calculated and earned based on the purchases made using your AFFCU Visa debit card.

Still have more questions? Please contact us.


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