Credit & Debt

Credit & Debt

What Is “Good Debt” Versus “Bad Debt”?

Debt, credit, and financing – words that can make many squeamish. Financing, unless you have piles of cash laying around most need it to help make purchases, both big and on the smaller scale. Credit, you need a good credit score and credit history to get affordable financing offers. Debt, it’s what you get when financing. But it’s not necessary … Continue reading

Credit & Debt

How To Open A Checking Account In 5 Simple Steps

Opening a checking account is an easy process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. Many financial institutions allow you to open your account online or at a local branch, depending on your preference. As long as you have the information needed to get started, you can check this off of your to-do list in a matter … Continue reading

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Credit & Debt

7 Questions To Ask Before Opening A Checking Account For Free

A free checking account should be exactly that—free. However, many financial institutions have loopholes or special requirements that you’ll have to meet for your checking account to be truly free.  When considering opening an account with any bank or credit union, there are several questions you should ask. Common Pitfalls To Avoid With Free Checking Some of the pitfalls and … Continue reading

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Budgeting & Saving | Credit & Debt

The #1 Secret of Successful Debt Management

By Tracy Scott If you’re struggling to pay creditors each month, you already know that adding to account balances could make matters much worse. Hoping to ease the financial strain, you’ve likely tried to reduce expenses. While you (sometimes) skip your Monday morning latte and (occasionally) brown-bag your lunch on Fridays, the savings aren’t having the impact you’d hoped. These … Continue reading

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