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Overdraft Protection

Mistakes happen. Once in a while there are not enough funds in a checking account to cover all the debits. AFFCU's overdraft options will help you to handle these situations and prevent problems by:

  • Protecting you from incurring late payment charges.
  • Shielding you from returned item fees.
  • Helping protect your credit score from the negative effects of late payments.

Transfer from Share Savings Account to Cover Overdrafts

Use your savings account as a free safety net to prevent overdrafts. AFFCU will automatically transfer available funds from your linked savings account, to your checking account. (Maximum of six (6) automatic transfers per month per account)

Overdraft Line-of-Credit

Protect yourself by getting approved for an AFFCU overdraft line-of-credit. Funds will be automatically transferred from your overdraft line-of-credit to your checking account when the account is overdrawn. See Service Charge Listing and Rates for details on applicable fees interest charges.

MAC Overdraft Protection (Coverage Opt-In)

Overdraft protection is your safety net. If you do not have enough funds in your savings account, or an approved line-of-credit is not established, AFFCU may elect to pay your overdrafts. Members must opt-in to authorize AFFCU to cover overdrafts on everyday account transactions. Overdraft Opt-In Form.

How MAC Works

  • At AFFCU's discretion, we may pay an item when you do not have enough money in your checking account, which would take the account into a negative balance.
  • Your account is charged a $25 fee per overdraft occurrence.

To set up this option, complete the Overdraft Opt-In Form.

You're in control. It's your choice to have transactions denied, or set up any of the above mentioned overdraft protection options. To discuss or set up your overdraft protection options visit an AFFCU branch or call 410-584-7474.

Overdrafts will be covered in the following order: 1) Transfer from savings, 2) Overdraft line-of-credit (if available), 3) MAC (if opted-in)

Simple Ways to Avoid Overdrafts

  • Keeping track of your deposits, purchases, and ATM withdrawals.
  • Balancing your account monthly by reviewing your statement or account transactions online.
  • Monitoring your account regularly online to review transaction activity and balances.
  • Setting up customized email and/or text alerts via online and mobile banking to notify you of specific transactions and low balances.

See Service Charge Listing for all applicable fees.