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Skip-A-Payment Request Form

Please fill out the fields in the form below. One of our representatives will contact you within one business day to complete the process.

Please complete one (1) request form per loan.

If you prefer to submit by mail, in branch, fax or email you may download the Skip-A-Pay Request form.

By completing this form you are requesting that Atlantic Financial FCU skip a payment on the loan indicated below.

Service fees apply and funds for this fee must be available in your account or submitted with this request.

  • A $30 fee per loan per payment skipped for monthly payments.
  • A $15 fee per loan per payment skipped for bi?weekly payments.
  • A $10 fee per loan per payment skipped for weekly payments.

Skipping a payment will extend the repayment period/term of the loan and finance charges will continue to accrue on the unpaid principal balance during the skip period. See Skip-A-Pay restrictions detailed at bottom.

Please check the number of payments requesting to be skipped:

  • Monthly

    Optional OK Monthly is required
  • Bi-weekly

    Optional OK Bi-weekly is required
  • Weekly

    Optional OK Weekly is required

Personal Information:

  • OK Name is required
  • OK Email Address is required
  • OK Account Number including Loan Suffix (i.e. 0001234567 L01) is required
  • Home Phone

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  • Work/Cell Phone

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    Optional OK Work/Cell Phone is required
  • Deduct the appropriate processing fee from

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  • OK is required
  • I authorize Atlantic Financial FCU to skip the appropriate number of payments as selected on this form on the loan identified above. I agree to be A) bound by the policy statement above; B) acknowledge that finance charges continue to accrue on a daily basis on my unpaid balance; C) that this authorization amends the original loan agreement; and D) that skipping a payment may change the total amount of interest due on the loan the repayment schedule/term of the loan.

    • -Not eligible on: first or second mortgages, certificate secured, Visa cards, Summer Breeze or Holiday Helper loans.
    • -Payment can be skipped after six (6) monthly payments have been made.
    • -All vehicle loans that have GAP protection are limited to one (1) skip‐a‐payment per year up to a maximum of four (4) over the life of the loan.
    • -Member can skip a maximum of one (1) month worth of payments at a time (2 payments for bi‐weekly cycles, 4 payments for weekly cycles). Maximum number of skipped payments per rolling 12‐month period is two (2) monthly payments (4 payments for bi‐weekly cycles, 8 payments for weekly cycles). The maximum number of skipped payments over the life of the loan may not exceed 4 months of payments (8 payments for biweekly cycles, 16 payments for weekly cycles).