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AFFCU's Falcon Fraud Management Service

Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union (AFFCU) takes protecting your accounts serious. That's why we work with Visa Falcon Fraud protection services to continuously monitor your AFFCU debit and credit cards to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Transactions that occur on your card that are unusual or outside of your normal spending patterns, may prompt a Falcon Fraud Alert where you will be contacted to confirm or deny the transaction(s). If you have an AFFCU Visa Debit and/or Credit Card, you are automatically enrolled.

Contact us to add a phone number or update your contact information to ensure we have the most up to date information on your account.

How It Works:

  • When potential fraud is detected, you will receive an automatic email notification, text message (if enrolled in SMS), and/or a phone call requesting verification of a questionable card transaction.
  • If you are enrolled in SMS Text Alerts*, you will first receive a text alert with details of the questionable transaction and instructions on how to reply to confirm or deny fraud.
  • Simply reply via text with a Yes or No to confirm or deny the transaction
  • If there is no response received from you via text, you will then receive an automated phone call to confirm or deny fraud. Members not enrolled in SMS Text Alerts will receive this phone call as their first fraud alert. If there is no answer a voice message will be left with instructions on how to call back to authorize the transaction. If you do not answer the call the transaction will automatically be denied.
  • Upon responding to the fraud alert, based on your response, the transaction will be immediately approved or denied.
  • AFFCU's phone fraud number is 1-877-876-4085. If you add this to your phone contacts and label it "Fraud Center," it will display on your phone whenever you get a call from this number.

Review the full Fraud Alerts Notification Workflow here for complete details on how it works.

IMPORTANT REMINDEROur messages will never ask for a PIN or account number. The fraud system will verify your identity, but they will never ask you for your full card number, expiration date, or the security code on the back of your card.

SMS/TEXT Notifications*

Sample Message:

  • FreeMsg from 32874 (Fraud Center): Possible unauthorized transaction on card ending in #### for $150.00 from Walmart.
  • If the cardholder is confirming 'no fraud", text back YES. (meaning this belongs to the cardholder).
  • If the cardholder is confirming 'fraud", text back NO. (meaning this does not belong to the cardholder).
  • You will also be able to Text STOP to stop this message.

Read the full SMS Fraud Alerts Program Overview here.

All accounts are automatically enrolled in card fraud text alerts if an active mobile phone number is on the member's account. Members may opt-out of this service at any time. Click here for opt-out instructions.

Voice Calls

  • Call will come from AFFCU's Fraud Hotline 1-877-876-4085
  • Voice calls placed between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. local time of the cardholder. (Based on cardholder zip code/time zone)
  • Verification of cardholder billing ZIP Code.
  • Prompts for review of up to four transactions.
  • Merchant description for each transaction provided with an option to play the merchant name.
  • Cardholders are connected to the Fraud Center if they confirm fraudulent activity.
  • Upon responding to the fraud alert, based on your response, the transaction will be immediately approved or denied.
  • Leaves a voice mail if call is not taken. (Results in transaction initially being denied)

* Release of Liability: Alerts sent via SMS may not be delivered to you if your phone is not in the range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within coverage, factors beyond the control of your carrier may interfere with messages delivery for which the carrier is not responsible. Your cell phone carrier does not guarantee that alerts will be delivered.