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America Saves Week is an annual celebration as well as a call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. Atlantic Financial FCU is a partner in this annual effort encouraging our members and communities to prioritize checking in on their finances and saving behaviors during the week. The America Saves pledge is the framework that allows savers to set a goal, and make a plan to achieve better financial stability.

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Goal Setting

Participate to learn and pledge to set short term and long term savings goals (such as emergency funds and retirement)

Strategies For Success

Join to learn and implement the best strategies for saving successfully (making a plan and saving automatically)

Positive Behaviors

Establish how to have healthy conversations and instill positive financial behaviors with your spouse and family.

The Imapct of A Savings Pledge

See how America Saves Week has helped others like you make a commitment to saving and find the right path to achieve financial stability.

The easiest way to save? Automatically! It doesn’t matter how much or what you’re saving for, when you


The easiest way to save is to make it automatic. It doesn’t matter how much or what you’re saving for, when you make the smart decision to have a portion of your income automatically deposited into a savings account, you have increased your chance for success. Check out this ASW blog post to learn how to “set it and forget it!

AmericaSavesWeek Tip: Split to Save! Direct a part of your paycheck to go directly into a savings account to save automatically. You can do this through your HR dept at work or by setting up an auto-transfer on your AFFCU account.


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The past year has taught us that we have to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. While we all have future savings goals, having an emergency fund to support present unaccounted for needs, like a car breakdown, dental bill, or even a last minute fun treat should be a top priority. Have you made it a priority to build your emergency savings fund?

There are many other reasons to ensure that you save for the unexpected, both big & small. Read this helpful ASW blog “38 Reasons You Need At Least $500 In Savings.

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It’s never too soon to prepare for retirement. In fact, the earlier you start to prepare the easier it is to save. Studies show that very few Americans have a plan for retirement savings that will actually cover their desired lifestyle.

Have you taken the time to consider your future retirement needs and make a plan to ensure you meet them? You may be contributing to your 401K, TSP, or IRA, but have you asked yourself all the right questions to ensure you’re saving ENOUGH for retirement? Read the ASW blog to see what retirement questions you need to be considering and answering.

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It’s important to recognize that by paying down debt, you ARE saving! Actively reducing your debt means you’re saving on interest, avoiding late fees, and maintaining or increasing your credit score.

Check out the ASW blog for helpful tips, tools, and resources that will support your efforts to successfully reduce debt.

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What better way to strengthen your family’s bond than to save as a family? Make saving a family tradition by setting a yearly goal and making a plan to reach it.

It is important to instill a positive mindset around saving with your kids, and it starts with a conversation. Learn easy ways to teach your kids by reading the America Saves blog “6 Fun Ways To Save As A Family.

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Make a commitment to yourself to save more effectively and successfully by having a savings plan! Take the America Saves Pledge to get started and receive tips, reminders, and nudges along your savings journey. #ASW2021

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