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The thing about financial literacy — you can definitely start too late, but you can't start too soon. MoneyIsland not only sheds light to the importance of smart money management, it does so while being a ton of fun!

This multi-level online game provides a way for children to encounter challenging scenarios while learning invaluable financial skills along the way. As they advance, they even earn real-life awards! Get your child started and follow along with their progress today!

  • Geared for kids age 8 to 14
  • Free, multi-level online game*
  • Teaches valuable financial skills
  • Enhance experience with a physical passport and stickers
  • Earn real-life rewards
  • Parents can play along
  • Teachers can use in classroom
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy
  • Developed by award-winning teacher

*Third party Internet fees may apply.

Learn more and play the MoneyIsland demo here.